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Young Toddlers

1 to 2 years


Our Young Toddlers room is geared for the special needs of the 12 - 24 month old child. It is during this year that your little one will begin to walk, start eating table foods, and begin to interact with peers. As your young toddler begins to explore the world around them, Mountain View Prep has created a safe sanctuary for them to assert their growing independence. 

The young toddler room is the perfect haven for your curious child. We have included areas for art and sensory exploration along with areas for dramatic and physical play. Since every child develops at their own pace, our low teacher to student ratios allows our highly trained staff to cater to your child's individual needs. Our teachers provide a loving and caring environment that helps your child to gain confidence and build self-esteem; the perfect base to provide or a strong future. 

You will receive daily feedback from the teachers. Your child's individual daily chart will let you know what new concepts and skills were learned that day. Your child will not only work on speech and language development, but will also begin to work on their self-help skills. In this room, your child is offered activities that are designed specifically for the young toddler developmental stages. 

We recognize that fun and learning go hand in hand, and we promise that your young toddler will have the perfect opportunity to develop and mature at Mountain View Prep.