In an environment rich with choices, your school-age child is surrounded with activities that extend learning "before and beyond the bell". After school activities at Mountain View Prep expand on the traditional school day lessons and are vibrant and relevant to your child's life. 

Kindergarten through 5th grade





​Rising Kindergarteners through rising 5th graders

4 years old by September 1st

3 to 4 years

Join Mountain View Prep for a summer filled with field trips, arts and crafts, sports and cooking! Our caring, experienced staff are constantly encouraging campers and building their self-esteem through well rounded, supervised activities.  

At Mountain View Prep we recognize that every child is different and their learning needs and levels are unique to them and them alone. For that reason, we have based our Pre-K program around the whole child. Mountain View Prep offers a program that we tailor to each individual child's needs.   

Your child is changing on a daily basis and our preschool educators aim to help make these transitions as smooth as possible. Mountain View Prep's preschool classroom helps children develop their verbal and social skills along with increasing their self help and self awareness skills. 


2 to 3 years

At Mountain View Prep, our curriculum helps toddlers gain the confidence and independence they need by providing them a warm, loving environment in which to begin learning colors, shapes, numbers and letters. The focus in the toddler room is on fun and stress free child development.  

Our Young Toddlers room is geared for the special needs of the 12 to 24 month old child. As your young toddler begins to explore the world around them, Mountain View Prep has created a safe sanctuary for them to assert their growing independence.  

1 to 2 years


6 weeks to 1 year

At Mountain View Prep, we know how hard it is to leave your child in someone else's care. Our loving and caring environment will put your mind at ease. Our infant room will mirror the tranquil, stimulating and nurturing environment that you offer in your home. 


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